10 Travel Hacks When You Are On A Budget

Traveling is a fantastic activity to indulge in, sometimes comes with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that could change your outlook towards life. Especially when you visit in the summer, it will seem as if you just opened a new chapter in your life. People travel on a constant routine, not only to enjoy the wild side of life but it has a lot of perks like a degree of exposure, learn new belief and customs, see new places and so much more.

There is a famous saying that “the world is a book and those who do not travel have only read a page.” Even as appealing as exploring the world might sound there should still be a certain level of financial consciousness when making an informed decision whether to embark on the journey or not. You might have considered traveling many times, especially scrolling through your favorite travel blogs and seeing incredible works of nature that you will love to explore. But then again you check your account balance, and it nudges you back to reality, and you go back to just being a dreamer. Although, looking it at from the surface being budget conscious might seem far from being feasible, but it is very much achievable.

Whether you’re planning to make traveling a regular or seldom activity, stepping out of the norm and starting to get creative with your finances is vital. This requires that you’re stringent with every penny that is within your disposal. We’re about to get on a journey of some fantastic money-saving tips when planning a trip. Check out these travel hacks that will truly help you when travelling on a budget.

Look Out For Off-Peak Travel Times

Ensure you adequately do your research, to ascertain when is the off-peak period in your planned country. This will help save you a lot of travel expenses, and there will be a minor population of travelers and price will generally be more competitive. Off-peak periods from country to country so do a background, and you will schedule your travel time towards that timeline. You should travel to a country that is lower in standard to where you are coming from. Consider places like Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin-American and so on. These places have little or no tourist and very lovely delicacies.

Stay In A Hostel Or Rent A Room

The whole point of the trip is to explore, have fun while saving some cash. The best way to achieve this is to steer clear off hotels. Staying in a hotel will prevent you from getting involved in the whole buzzer and razzmatazz going on in the city, and indirectly you’re slowly drifting from the essence of the travel. The hostel is wallet-friendly, and you can quickly pick up some social skills from the people you meet. Imagine you’re traveling alone and staying in a hotel, things might start to get boring. Travel is meant to clear your thoughts not to get you melancholy.

We have different categories of hostels, which are labeled according to your travel needs; they are rural hostels, party hostels, relaxing hostels, and exotic hostels. People most share a central meeting point, and that will afford you the opportunity to mingle with others and get exposed to places you never taught existed in the city. You can cut down expenses such as transportation, dinner, and other things when you move with other people.

Stick To The “Five Block Rule”

One key aspect of cutting down your traveling expense is to follow the “five block rule.” The basic analogy is that the when you buy items from some five or six blocks from your abode- which presumably will be a commercial center, you will be cutting down expenses. In some cases, the “five block rules” can be relative but in most cases, it works. Moving away from a location crowded with tourist will help you get things sometimes as low as half the price it is being sold close to your where you reside. This rule plays out especially for people with children who enjoy to eat and catch fun.

Be Open Minded

Nobody says having a checklist of places you would love to visit is not right it’s fantastic since it helps you achieve your dream. The point is being pragmatic helps to enjoy the purpose of the trip. It is essential that you embrace diversification and turn down the cliché. There are lovely places in the world that you can visit, for instance, there are places in Africa with a rich cultural heritage that will beat down your expectation. But do you know the supreme advantage that comes with this? You will get to enjoy your trip on a low budget. For instance, if you’re bent on seeing the Eifel tower in Paris around July, then be prepared to make a serious financial commitment. While you’re flexible ensure you keep checking out affordable deals on the internet.

Avoid Rush Hour

Everything that comes with rush hour always turns out to be very expensive. It is a simple mind game, the seller knows you’re in need of a thing at the nick of time, all they need to do is increase the price, and they can be sure you will pay. This is why you should plan aforetime, avoid rush hour it is never the best approach especially when you’re looking towards traveling on a low budget. People who make late bookings, most times experience a poor service delivery. They will be left with no choice but to accept whatever is offered them even when they are plunged into paying twice as much. One thing you should always keep to heart is that once the trip starts getting closer, everything bumps up not just the flight ticket or train ticket, hostel space, commodities, and so on.

Get A Job

Take your trip up a notch, by working in the labor market of the place you’re visiting. You can have fun at the same earn good money for your upkeep and your family. It doesn’t have to be something laborious just something that will spice up your interest in the place. You could work in exchange for accommodation, and you could choose to babysit, housesit pets or a little cleaning, it solely depends on your flexibility. People with vocational skills are the best feat for this option, hairstylist, fashion designer, artist, Mason, and so on. You will be amazed at how enormous these skills are needed in some part of the world, so far you’re not surreal from this reality you should totally go for it.

Use Public Transport

Buses and train are still the cheapest forms of public transportation, and it has a lot of perks. Apart from making an environment a haven, it also makes your visit adventurous. Public transport commute a higher number of passengers than a car. It implies that you will experience less traffic since it has accommodated most commuters and you can get to your destination on time and still save a lot. Think of the people you will meet when you use the bus and get to talk to before getting to your stop. You can have a healthy relationship with a person you meet on a bus or train, and it will also help you to improve your social skills. Imagine if you have to ride in a metro taxi where you will be paying more, with nobody to talk to apart from the taxi driver and there are higher chances you will be faced with traffic.

You might have a car at your disposal. But by looking forward to cutting cost on fuel consumption or ease yourself the stress of driving in a city you’re not familiar with its itinerary then a public transport might come in handy. Apart from the cost, you should also consider your safety, bus or train accidents have few occurrences and hold less casualty than a car accident. This is due to the training the drivers gets which makes them more professionals when compared to car owners.

Ditch Fast Foods, For Local Delicacies

One of the benefits of traveling is to have a feel of the rich cultural background of other places in the world, and one of the premises of every culture is their local delicacy. It is a fantastic way of cutting cost since they will be less expensive than the McDonalds or burger king and probably more nutritional since they are indigenous. Buying local dishes is part of giving back to that city for the warm hospitality shown towards you when you visited. You should note that for every penny you spend at McDonald’s is indirectly leaving the local economy. Having a cup of coffee in a local café is a direct contribution to the economy of that country, and you can even get to enjoy a better relationship with the locals.

You won’t be able to decipher what eating a morsel of food that is nutritious is until you taste a portion of food that is locally grown and is freshly plucked. This might seem surreal to people who eat imported food products that have lasted days at the back of a truck. Picture a fresh ripe tomato that has just been plucked in the summer period oozing of freshness and adding a pleasant aroma to your meal. Compared to a wrinkled tomato plucked during the winter which tastes flaccid.

Make Your Breakfast

Eating from a local shop with mouthwatering delicacy is fantastic. But the most fantastic aspect of traveling with a light budget is cooking your meal. You might need to ensure you’re getting a place with a kitchen or somewhere you can prepare your meal. This is the most budget-friendly aspect of traveling, getting cook your breakfast. It doesn’t negate the fact that you can’t enjoy excellent local dishes but it is a sure way to cut cost. Imagine how much you will have to spend to get to your favorite local restaurant, then getting back home the whole food might have probably digested and your children might get hungry again. Food is part of the ingredients that make a trip a fantastic experience once it is out of the equation, then there is nothing to look forward to. Another viable option is to pack your meals which most times is subjected to the number of days you will be spending and if you enjoy traveling light.

Interact With The Locals

Locals can help you save money, you might wonder how? For individual local markets, there are certain gimmicks you need in pricing goods. You might not be aware of this especially if you’re traveling to that place for the first time. But an indigene or someone who have stayed longer can put you through some specific marketing strategy or even give you head-ups on some basic do’s and don’ts. Some people prefer sticking to their family members or friends, partying and drinking instead of forming a bond of friendship with the locals. This means you’ve drifted from the true meaning of traveling, all those things you’re doing can easily be achieved in your country. Travelling entails learning new things- culture, food, nature, wildlife, and so on. Only the locals are in the best position to help you learn and help you diversify in the most unimaginable ways. If you’re buying an item at an inflated price they will let you know, and you can quickly decline, then you won’t be cheated. This doesn’t negate the fact that there are people who are fraudulent and might one to defraud you of your valuables but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a healthy relationship.


You don’t have to break the bank when planning towards a trip. Don’t get plunged into the stereotype that traveling has to be expensive. This undermines the essence of traveling which is getting to know how it feels on the other side. You can make good savings and fill up your pocket while on travel, No rule says it can go both ways!



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