How Traveling Can Help Rekindle Your Relationship

Let me ask you something. What’s the best way to rekindle a dying fire in a relationship? A series of romantic dinners under a bright moon? Maybe. Wonderful gifts that spread lips in wide smiles? Perhaps. Powerful words and poems that warm the heart and serenade the soul? Yes, that can work, but there’s a much better way.

Traveling, ladies and gentlemen. Traveling around the world trumps any other means of putting your relationship back on track. Your travels don’t even need to take you across the globe. Simply exploring new environments far away from home can be just as effective in strengthening the bonds between you and your loved one.

Romantic moonlit dinners, sweet gifts and sweeter poems are all good and fine, but using them to complement an exciting trip to an exotic destination is a much better alternative, wouldn’t you agree?

Okay, okay, let’s get to the meaty portion of the article. That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it? By the time you’re through reading my words, you’ll be rummaging through drawers and desks looking for your passport and wondering which country has the best beaches, operas and festivals for you and your partner.

Is Traveling Really That Big a Deal?

Yes, it is. More than you can imagine. Traveling might have its immediate perks-like all the fun and flair new cultures and experiences entail, but that isn’t really our main focus right now. We’re after the less apparent things; moments you can share only while you travel; intimacy you can experience only far away from home. Saddle up and let’s get to it.

Traveling Reveals the Real You

This may come as a surprise but Traveling is another medium which reveals things about your partner that was prior unknown to you. What do I mean by this?

Well, despite countless months or years of dating or marriage, there could still be so many things you don’t know about the type of person your partner is.

His faults; her issues; the way he complains; the way she whines, so much more. The other side of your partner is brought out because when you travel in close quarters, tensions run high.

Both of you may encounter situations that test you and your patience to their limits: Delayed flights, lost luggage, language barriers; these and many more can coalesce to push your stress levels past their braking points. So how exactly does this benefit either of you?

When you become vulnerable and reveal your flaws, your partner understands you even more, thus the bonds between you two are strengthened ever more. The more you understand each other, the more you’re able to know how to make comprises for each other, which brings us up to the next point.

Traveling Entails Compromise Between You and Your Partner

The main difference between traveling alone and with a spouse or partner is this: In the former, there ae very little restrictions and responsibilities. You are alone and in full control of whatever it is you do; the adventure is yours to decide what to do with. In the latter, however, it’s a different story.

You can’t help but make a compromise when you travel with a loved one. Here’s how: It’s possible you intended to head to the beach but your partner has eyes for the amusement park, or maybe you fancy a trip to the local market but your partner wants to lodge and rest at the nearest hotel.

You don’t have the choice to do as you wish anymore because your decisions now affect another person. Being out in the wider world opens up new things for you, but it also opens up new things in your relationship. You may have to forego something you like or even love to do, but not without a perfect reason: Love.

The sacrifices you make means your partner is happy. That Rolex watch you deny yourself so she can have that gold bracelet will bring a wide smile to her face. Can you really deny you enjoy seeing that every single time? Those expensive shoes you put back on the shelf when shopping means he gets to go home with that brand new phone.

The sacrifices you make for each other fills the relationship with happiness and contentment. If you’re the one who gives up something today, your partner will repay you in kind another day. When someone gives up something for you, you are made to understand just how special and loved you are. If such a feeling doesn’t knit couples together, what else will?

Traveling Creates Memories Forever Engraved in You

Picture this scenario: You and your partner go on a safari. Along the course of the journey, you encounter raucous and unruly monkeys. One of the monkeys steals your partner’s camera and runs off. You both chase it and manage to recover it, but upon coming back to the tour bus, you realize the monkey’s brethren had had their way with all your snacks. What do you do about it?

You laugh, of course. It’s an experience and a memory to recall and joke about for years to come. It’s something to tell your kids and-maybe one day-even your grand kids.

As shocking as the occurrence may have been, it ended up being something fond; and you ended up being even more eager to make more of such memories. You make these memories during your travels but cherish them long after you’re back home. They are things that transcend time to keep you and your partner eternally bonded.

Traveling Shows You There is Strength in Unity

There is fun in traveling, that much is given; but there can also be stress involved. You’re going to a foreign place with new people and new cultures. In all probability, the experience is fun as it is strange, and that’s where problems abound: Difficulty in translation and trouble understanding anything in the host country are just two of the many hurdles you can come across in your journey. Can you solve all these problems? Mot likely not. So why is it a point being mentioned here?

The best option you have is to rely on each other, because the only familiar face is the man or woman next to you. This reliance on one another is a perfect building ground for respect, trust, love and companionship.

Traveling Welcomes Romance

Let’s be frank: You don’t need to travel simply for romance to make your relationship sweet, but few things can fan the flames of your love life like a trip to a bright and colorful new world. Tasting exotic foods and sleeping in unique places and engaging in unfamiliar activities all merge to create a recipe for romance unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

It could be something as simple as a walk hand-in-hand along the street, but with mariachi guitars and flutes playing softly in the night air; or it may be something as common as a road trip, but across a beautiful land unknown to both of you. The choice is yours.

Even though you may have to shell out a substantial amount of cash to go on these travels, it will be more than worth it. Money should not be something that stops you from spending a wonderful time with the person who completes you.

The simple fact that you’re in a new environment brings something new to your relationship.  Take advantage of that and have the best time ever.

Traveling Brings out the Best in You

Earlier on, I said traveling brings out the worst in you. That is true, but it also brings out the best in you. When you travel with your loved one, the benefits are not always to both of you as a couple because sometimes, you grow as individuals too. Shall I elaborate more on this?

The exposure to new people and lives means you broaden your horizon about the world. The exposure to new experiences and cultures means you develop a new and profound respect for other people, making you a mature person. You are emboldened and equipped to better immerse yourself in new experiences later on in life. You gain knowledge many don’t, and as we all know, knowledge is never a waste.

There are few ways to attain all these save through traveling. Regardless if your travels take you only a few miles away from home or thousands of miles half ways across the globe, there is always something great to be discovered.

So you can now understand why traveling can easily to rekindle the love in your relationship. It is not an opportunity to be missed, and it most certainly isn’t an experience to be wasted.

You will undoubtedly encounter snags along the way but that’s all part of the process of building a better relationship and life. Alone, it might be difficult to overcome some of them but together, you have everything you need beat the odds.

Book a flight to Barbados or fill up your car and ready for a trip to a mountain park. Wherever you go, just make sure you’re always with your partner because if you don’t do that, then you might as well not travel at all. Cheers! And happy traveling!

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